happy birthday sara


My best friends tweet hahaha!!

omigosh tahlia,hahaha, this is so funny, gosh check out them notes XD

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wally sits up really quickly which causes artemis to fall outa bed and she’s gonna have crazy bed hair, that what u guys have to look forward to in the next page


Let you mind wonder.

Greenfear I regret nothing

“Oh God! you are naked. Why are you naked?” Asked Ronnie feeling really awkward.

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she is THE ugly bitch and dont you forget it!

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(401): I just banged your sister. Thats what you get for takibg my lunch money in 2 grade, boom, boom fiyyaa powaa

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My life on Tumblr: A dramatic re-enactment via Inception


I sit down in front of the computer:

Then three hours pass:

Then I spend the rest of the day on the computer:

But then tumblr’s like:

And I try to leave:

But how could I leave them?:

Ron’s confusion over Hermione and the Time Turner

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