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since when did i have the ability to draw roses?

reply - dogam stuff - SPOILERS




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Im just going to reblog this and put another read more under it LOL

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Yes! I love that there were more badish characters, like, they had their own motives and intentions, things real people would have. Esther did…

Yeah I felt it was kinda full circle too, I also loved how it was kinda a ‘destiny’ thing, like the reason karou and akiva are so connected is because they’re ‘destined’, idk, but I like it. Like there’s something so much bigger than them, than chimaera and seraphim. Yes, like kaiju, cause they’re from some other world , like them. It was be so awesome to see some spin offs, like it would be a dream come true. And how there were other types of seraphim, like elazael, just, poc angels makes me so happy.

so heres a big dump of dosab sketches.
the 2nd and 3rd pages are from the 2nd book and i just never got around to finishing them, Ziri, Madrigal and Karou.The first page has Zuzanna, Eliza, Elazael, Ziri, Akiva and Liraz. Then there’s angsty Liraz and Akiva on the bottom. I couldn’t bring myself to add the Hazael sketches, they’re also pretty crappy quality

Cinder in her workshop/bedroom, my second attempt, first is here
i have a headcanon that she would find plants or flowers, maybe in the cracks on pavements and take them home
i also really really wanted to draw a background

Edit, i fixed it

Wolf and Scarlet, ok ok, im sucked into these books pretty hard atm, if you hadn’t caught on already. I haven’t even finished reading Scarlet. Oh gosh i really love how flustered he gets around her,hehehe XD
heres a close up;

AAAAHHHHH YES IM SO SIKED!!!! I go to the shops and I am so freaking surprised they have it!!! And it was in sale!! Double plus!!!

Cinder and Iko, thhis was my first attempt at her workspace, but i didnt like the position so i didnt add anymore details

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